Show, not Tell

There are 3 rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.


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If you’re interested at all in the stories we’re writing, here are quick (and inefficient) descriptions. They’re both incomplete and subject to change. By some miracle, if you’re interested in reading more, shoot us an email. We’d love some critique partners or beta readers (or better yet, alpha readers)!


Kenzie’s mom is a skin walker, a shape shifter whose abilities originate from Evil. Kenzie thinks her mom is a victim of an ancient curse and tries to hide her from hunters who think otherwise. Two new skin walkers initiate a dangerous shift in the forest and her mom takes advantage of their presence by leaving with an ultimatum: get the new skin walkers to leave or she won’t come back. That’s not so easy for Kenzie when she’s in love with one of the hunters after her mom and one of the skin walkers who drove her away. Her mom sends a new acquaintance to do the job for her. He wants to do more than that.

Glory or Death

On her sixteenth birthday, Ayla becomes one of the twenty-one competitors in an age-old competition. There is no way to win without killing everyone, including her long-time friend and childhood crush, Loran, and her training partner, Zalyn. The only thing driving Ayla to win is a deal she made with the goddess of the underworld that would leave her without her father if she lost. Ayla doesn’t want to lose her father, Loran, or Zalyn—but that means she can’t win, either. The final round will leave only one of them.


Written by Jessica Lei

September 17, 2010 at 5:38 pm

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