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Symbolism – Green!

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Finally, one of my favorite colors, green! Green is associated with nature, rejuvenation and fertility, to jealousy, greed, and poison. Green is one of those colors that you just can’t get sick of. The sight of green for most people relaxes the mind and makes people feel at home. Why? Green symbolizes nature. Nature is comfortable for our brains, which in turn relaxes us. Kind of cool, right?

The positive:

  • Green is relaxing, rejuvenating and safe.

Green Landscape

Like I said, green is the absolute most relaxing color for the human mind. Because it’s so relaxing–to our eyes, our minds and bodies–this color represents health. When plants are at their best, they’re a beautiful, rich green. Green is rejuvenating as well because it is a healing color. Sticking with nature, I’m sure we’ve all had a foray into a park or forest and came out for the better. Some might say it’s the fresh air and sun. It could be the green!

Again with nature references (most of the positive green ones have to do with it), fertility and green go hand in hand. This has to do with the goddesses of most mythology. The goddesses of the earth (here’s where nature comes in) almost always have to do with fertility as well. Not to mention the earth is probably the most fertile thing in existence that we know of.

The Negative:

  • Green is jealous, greedy and sickly.

This is where green turns ugly. I’m not quite sure where jealousy and green became associated with each other–besides green and envy translating to jealousy. Greed however is obvious. Green often represents money, especially the American dollar. Greed is generally the excessive want of money, hence the association. As for sickly, we’ve all heard the expression “turning green.” This is because when we become sick, we get pale. When some people get pale–especially people with a more olive complexion–their skin will get a green tinge to it. Mind you, it’s very faint though!

Different greens mean different things:

  • Light green is associated with freshness and springtime.
  • Bright green shows health and vibrancy, particularly in nature.
  • Dark green relates to ambition, greed and jealousy.
  • Yellow-green indicates sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy.
  • Blue-green is associated with emotional healing and protection.
  • Olive green is the traditional color of peace.

Green is by far one of the most versatile colors out there. You can use it to describe youth and vitality, holiday cheer (since we’re getting close to that time, shoppers) and greed. Green is the one color you should use as much as possible, no matter what the circumstance. Anything and everything should have a touch of this emerald tone. Clothing, shoes, eyes, hair…. Everything! Fall in love with green and it’s going to stick around with you forever.


Written by Devin Bond

December 2, 2010 at 5:30 am

Posted in Symbolism

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