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There are 3 rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

Lesson 18: Symbolism – Orange!

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Another symbolism post. I bet you can guess what color the one after this is going to be! (Hello~ Roy G. Biv) Anyway, welcome to the world of orange! Orange is very similar to both of its creators. Orange is attention getting, happy, stimulating, and playful. There isn’t much you can do to go wrong with orange. Orange, like red, is used in marketing to grab your attention. In excess, say for instance painting an entire room bright orange, it can create anxiety. Orange is also great for lifting your spirits.

The positive:

  • Orange is vibrant, warm and creative.Orange Marigold

Your main character wakes up and grabs a glass of OJ–liquid sunshine. It’s the perfect way to wake up! Just seeing orange gets us rearing to go, so imagine drinking it! Orange is warm in ways red and yellow can’t be. It’s a mix of the two (yes, we all know) and takes the best qualities of both. It’s fiery without being too intense. It’s attention getting without disturbing the peace. Imagine a dull person wearing an orange top, bottom or even an entirely orange outfit. They’d instantly be transformed into someone that, if you didn’t know them, you’d think was outgoing and had life going just right for them. Orange can denote youth and creativity because it is so vibrant. What artist (of any type) doesn’t want to get noticed? None! Vibrancy gets attention. –Just take a look at all those natural red-heads out there. Can’t stop the stares at their orange hair~!

The negative?

Actually, there isn’t much! Besides anxiety in excess, orange is a pretty perfect color. One either loves or hates it–and hopefully you’re on the liking side.

Different oranges can mean different things, though:

  • Dark orange can indicate deceit and distrust.
  • Red-orange relates to desire, pleasure, domination, and aggression. (Yes, this was last post, but it’s still a shade of orange!)
  • Orange-brown is associated with harvest, fall and decay.
  • Light orange is soft and friendly while still being energetic.
  • Yellow-orange (or Gold) relates to prestige, illumination, wealth and wisdom.
  • Copper-orange is sensual and musky but can also indicate dirtiness and the impoverished.

Orange is a bit harder to incorporate in than red, but try it out–whether it be orange hair, clothing, accessories, rooms, who knows! The possibilities end when your imagination stops. Orange is perfect for showing energy, creativity and warmth. Let orange wake up your writing and watch the amazing results.


Written by Devin Bond

November 3, 2010 at 5:30 am

Posted in Lessons, Symbolism

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